Whether you are part of the Insurance Industry, in the Car Rental business, a Vehicle Fleet Management Entity or just a company with a large fleet of vehicles, management of vehicles is becoming a science on its own. VehicleSoft provides innovative solutions for the day to day management of motor vehicle claims, specifically and purposely designed to modernise the loss-adjusting and claims management processes.

At VehicleSoft we understand these processes, obstacles, pitfalls and solutions deriving from day to day management of vehicles. We have been a trusted provider of technology and software solutions to the motor related industry for the past decade. Our cutting edge technology and software solutions are agile and flexible to accommodate the most challenging client's needs and challenges. We assist our customers to improve all aspects of vehicle fleet and claims management. Being web-based, our software are technology driven and customisable to suit any operational environment.

Professional Service and up-to-date Technologies make VehicleSoft the obvious choice to provide a solution to your industry.